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    These informative, educational and fun courses are live and fully interactive, using ZOOM video conferencing software (easily available for PC, Laptops and mobile devices, free and without registration).

    Each course consists of 4, 90 minute weekly meetings, with your tutor Stephen Power and up to 6 other participants. You will be able to see and interact with all participants, ask questions and get as much help and advice as you need, without leaving the comfort of your own home, office or local coffee shop!


    email: to inquire about or join either of both of these courses and for assistance in using the ZOOM software.


    Introduction to Digital Photography

    Introduction to Landscape & Travel Photography

    START DATES (same night for 4 weeks, 90 minutes per night)

    Introduction to Digital Photography: Wednesday 23rd January 2019 - 7pm Start (please be there 5 minutes early)

    Introduction to Landscape & Travel Photography: Friday 25th January 2019 - 7pm Start (please be there 5 minutes early)


    Introduction to Digital Photography

    • Camera Specifications
    • Handling the camera / Basic Technique Troubleshooting
    • Choosing & Using the Camera Controls
    • Understanding “Depth-of-Field”
    • Using Program (‘P’) Mode
    • Using Aperture Priority (Av) Mode
    • Using Shutter Priority Mode (Tv)
    • Basic rules of Photographic Composition
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Leading Lines
    • Natural Frames
    • Indoor shooting (use of ISO variable)

    FREE "Introduction to Digital Photography" eBook Included

    Introduction to Landscape & Travel Photography

    • Using Aperture Priority (Av) Mode for landscape photography
    • Setting the white balance correctly for outdoor photography
    • Using ISO setting for best quality
    • Use of Depth of Field in Landscape Photography
    • Using the Rule of Thirds effectively
    • Creating a sense of depth in your landscape compositions
    • Adding Leading Lines for impact in your landscape images
    • The use of Natural Frames for strong composition
    • Exposing for Sunsets
    • Getting the best from bad weather in travel images
    • Focusing for extreme depth of field effects

    FREE "Introduction to Landscape Photography" eBook Included

    **Each course contains an interactive Image Review component. Participants are asked to take photographs and submit them by email for review in the next session. One or two images will be reviewed per student, per course.**

    **There is some topic cross-over between the courses. The introductory course is more suitable for those new to digital photography and covers all types of photography. The landscape course looks at advances techniques and landscape and travel images only.**

    Participants will need

    **A digital camera capable of setting adjustments. A DSLR is ideal but a good-quality ‘bridge’, or ‘MILC’ camera will be suitable. Please contact the course tutor if you are unsure if your camera is suitable for the course.

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    Your Photography Tutor

    Valentia-based photographer Stephen Power MA, BSc (hons) is an award-winning photographer, author and photography teacher with over 35 years’ experience. He holds a Master’s Degree in adult education and has taught photography at all skill levels from beginners to experienced professional photographers. He taught for 5 years for the world’s largest online diploma course “The Photography Institute”. During that time, he authored 4 advanced teaching modules for them on topics including Travel & Landscape photography and Studio and Environmental Portraiture photography.

    Stephen won the 2007 NAPP Guru Award for photography and in 2017 he was awarded the US Creative Quarterly Magazine “Certificate of Excellence” and gained an “honourable mention” in the Moscow International Photography Awards. So far, in 2018/19 Stephen has had 6 images exhibited in the world-famous Blank Wall Gallery, in Athens, Greece.

    His recent travel photography clients include: Tourism Ireland, Bord Bia, Dorling Kindersley Travel Guide Books, The Irish Times Travel supplement and The Sunday Times Travel magazine.

    Stephen is "Associate Editor (Ireland)" for the acclaimed Cameracraft magazine published in the UK, and has written 5 books, including “A Small Window on Kerry” a book of photographs of South Kerry, including Valentia Island.

    His most recent book, "Traditional Notes: A Celebration of Irish Music and Musicians" was published by the Liffey Press in Dublin and has received critical acclaim.

    Some recent feedback from Students...

    "Hi Stephen, thanks for a great day yesterday..."

    "I have just finished the beginners course with Stephen. His depth of knowledge of photography and ability to pass on this information to the students is breath taking."

    "Thanks for the last course. For the first time, I now know what I'm doing with the camera!"

    "Thank you so much for your time and patience on my recent photography course. You have certainly given me a taste of what you can achieve with a good camera. Hopefully I will make a great photographer one day!"

    "I enjoyed the day, and learned a lot - thank you!"

    "Great patience - from a professional!"

    "Very engaging and professional!"

    "Presentation was excellent - I wouldn't change anything!"

    "Clear explanations of the Techniques of Photography!"

    "I learned how to use the camera properly!"

    "The best explanation of depth-of-field I have ever heard!"

    "The explanations were excellent!"

    "Delivery and pace excellent!"

    "Learned loads, was very pleased with the way the day went."

    "You covered a lot of ground. And you knew not only what to do but more importantly why and to what effect!"